I have been in the marine industry for the past 40 years. My early years were spent racing small sailboats, working in the boat dealership, selling sailboat hardware and doing rigging work. Those younger years were the foundation of my career.

I moved to Florida in 1988, where the business is year-round and the waters are warm and gorgeous turquoise. I became the Vice President and General Manager of Eastern Yacht Sales, which I developed into the largest sailboat dealer in the USA. Eastern Yacht Sales sold Catalina, Morgan, Freedom, J Boats, Island Packet, Sabre, Tartan, and many other smaller sailboat lines, as well as Cape Dory down east cruisers, Boston Whaler and the Sabreline 36’ Fast Trawler.

In 1995, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale (the “Yachting Capital of the World”). I searched for a company that had the need for someone with my extensive new boat sales background and very strong work ethic and found Hal Jones & Co. This was a perfect fit for someone with my knowledge, energy and enthusiasm for selling all series of new and used Grand Banks Yachts and providing total customer satisfaction. I became Vice President of Sales at HJ&C within a short time. I continually helped Hal Jones & Co. exceed their expectations in sales for both new and used Grand Banks Yachts: Heritage, Eastbay and Aleutian Series, achieving numerous sales achievement awards from Grand Banks (from 2001 to 2009). I received the Top Worldwide Grand Banks Salesperson award numerous times for selling the most new and used Grand Banks Yachts in their Worldwide Dealer Network.

With my clients’ specific needs in mind, I have semi-custom built 78 new Grand Banks Yachts to date. I have sold more than 300 pre-owned Grand Banks Yachts and over a thousand other yacht brands
since I started in the boat business at age 15, all sizes and types of sailboats, outboards, motoryachts, etc. I have visited both of the Grand Banks factories - located in Singapore and Malaysia - twenty-one times since 1995. As a result of my experiences, I have developed very close working relationships with all of the key people at Grand Banks Yachts and have a clear understanding of every detail, from development & construction to commissioning & delivery of every Grand Banks yacht product that I represent.

Throughout my career, based on my personal sales efforts, researching details and visiting various factories, I have also developed an extensive and in-depth knowledge of many other boat lines such as Palm Beach Motor Yachts, Sabre Yachts, ApreaMare, Fleming, Viking, Princess, Hinckley, Marlow, Offshore Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Outer Reef and Hatteras, to name a few.

When the opportunity came in 2007 as Hal Jones retired, I opened Classic Yachts International and continued as the authorized Grand Banks Dealer for Florida’s East and West Coast. I was very excited about the new opportunities this company opened up and achieved even greater sales success as CYI. We sold twelve new Grand Banks and 40 brokerage yachts in 2009 alone.

February 2010, I welcomed the next opportunity and moved with the Grand Banks Yachts dealership to HMY Yacht Sales. I was able to offer all my clients exceptional exposure for their brokerage listings and spent much more time selling new yachts and personally building relationships. With all of my strong sales and marketing abilities, I received HMY’s Top 10 Salesman five years running (2010 through 2014) out of 50 house brokers; I was awarded the “Top Gun - 2013 Worldwide Salesman of the Year” for Grand Banks Yachts, and have sold over 184 yachts since April, 2010.

Today, I now work directly for the GB factory selling new and pre-owned Grand Banks and other fine cruising yachts as always, at Grand Banks’ Fort Lauderdale office. My focus is new yacht
sales of Grand Banks Yachts & Palm Beach Motor Yachts (now a part of the GB family), as well as continuing to market & sell brokerage listings.

Now I have even closer connections with GB to help my customers get anything they need in the way of parts, questions answered or anything else. My personal mission is to provide the best possible customer service available to you for anything you may want and/or need in any way during the buying process and throughout the ownership of your Yacht. I am looking forward to building stronger relationships and yet another record-breaking sales year in 2019!