1. #1 Salesperson - Steve has sold more new and used Grand Banks than any other salesperson (77 New, 300+ Used! See list 2015-2018 below)

  2. GB Specialist - Steve has committed his career to the Grand Banks product and knows every model inside and out. Steve has 35 years of experience selling new and used yachts and 25 years specifically focusing on Grand Banks and Eastbay. Visit Steve’s About Page.

  3. Factory Connections - Steve works directly with the Grand Banks Factory. His connections range from admin all the way to the parts department. These relationships continuously develop and strengthen over the years from multiple factory visits and multiple sales. January 2018 was Steve’s 20th visit and Sara’s first. View Factory Updates.

  4. Grand Banks Yachts Ltd. - We are a Singapore Public Company. We are all held to the highest of standards, as we are regulated by a wonderful group of Board of Directors, watched closely by auditors and are in the public eye. We have big company abilities with a small company feel.

  5. Grand Banks Website - Steves’ listings are featured on the Grand Banks Yachts website for all GB followers and enthusiasts to see upon visiting the company website. View Website.

  6. Grand Banks Specialist Website - Steve has his own personal website. This is a place where thousands of Grand Banks and LRC followers come to see what brokerage boats he has for sale. His website is advertised on all of his personal broadcasts, magazine advertisements and social media platforms.

  7. Social Media - Facebook and Instagram play large roles in everyone’s lives these days, whether we like it or not. This is another great way for us to showcase our listings and the day to day activity of the Grand Banks Specialist Team!

  8. YachtWorld - All listings are available on YachtWorld to be seen by potential buyers and other brokers. Select listings will be featured on Boats.com.

  9. Co-Brokerage - Steve believes in getting boats SOLD! He will work with any other broker or brokerage house who brings an interested buyer or offer and will help get the deal done.

  10. Pricing - Steve will price your boat according to current market conditions and recently sold comparable boats to attain best value in the shortest amount of time. His philosophy is to have your boat in the market, not just on the market.

  11. Professional Listing - Steves’ listings are extremely comprehensive with everything from extremely thorough walkthroughs to deeply detailed specifications. He also provides professional photographs by YachtPics at his own expense. This ensures an exceedingly well presented boat and will set everyone up for success once the listing is active. View Active Listings for an example.

  12. Personal Advertising - Aside from your boat being on the three main websites listed above, she will also be featured in Steves’ personal magazine advertisements; either PassageMaker or Power & MotorYacht. View most current advertisement here.

  13. Grand Banks Specialist Followers - Over the years Steve has compiled a large following who look forward to his monthly emails featuring a “Grand Banks Specialist Approved'‘ selection of the finest Grand Banks, Palm Beach and other Cruising Yachts from the current market.

  14. Honesty and Integrity - Steve has built his career on these core values. This has allowed him to excel and surpass others in his field. His customers trust him to find an excellent, seaworthy vessel or to sell their current one quickly and for the right amount. Steve surpasses their expectations with knowledge and support before, during and after the sale. Please read Steve’s most recent testimonials here.

  15. Customer Service Oriented - Steve prides himself on total customer satisfaction! Before, during and after the sale Steve is always available on his cell phone and by email to assist you in any way. Parts, service, troubleshooting or celebrations - Steve and Sara have your back!


Listings Wanted!

The Grand Banks Specialist Team needs more quality listings! Inventory is low so this is a perfect time to list your boat!

Let Steve put a "Sold" sign on your yacht!

Fort Lauderdale is one of the top markets for yacht sales, and Steve is a top-selling yacht broker. He has the experience, contacts and savvy marketing to sell your pre-owned Grand Banks or other fine cruising yacht. Steve talks with buyers and sellers of new and pre-owned yachts every day and knows the market inside and out! See below for a full list of my recently sold yachts.

We are currently accepting listings of pre-owned Grand Banks, Eastbay, Palm Beach and other fine cruising yachts!

I am the Grand Banks Specialist here at Grand Banks Yachts and have personally been involved in the building and purchase of 77 new Grand Banks over the last 22 years. I have also been involved in the sale of several hundred pre-owned Grand Banks with over 150 sold since April 2010! I have visited the Grand Banks factory 20 times as well as many other builders all over the world. I can offer you invaluable guidance in building a new Grand Banks or yacht of your choice. 

I have been one of Grand Banks Top Worldwide Salesman numerous times and received additional awards from several other manufacturers. I have also sold many other fine yachts such as Offshore, Sabre, Ocean Alexander, Princess, and more. Whether buying or selling, I am the one to call. My vast experience and expert knowledge can guide you through the process of building, buying or selling a Grand Banks, Eastbay, Palm Beach or any other yacht.

Total customer satisfaction is the key to my successful career. If you want to sell your yacht, my experience and knowledge at your side will prove to be invaluable.

Call or email me directly to get the inside story on any Grand Banks or other fine yachts you may find of interest.
— Steve Fithian

You may also fill out the form below to have broadcast notifications sent directly to you about new models available on the market, updates about Grand Banks Yachts, and much more!



  1. Grand Banks 46 Classic 2001, RUMAWAY, January 2019

  2. Grand Banks 42 Europa 2004, YOUNG LADY, Deal Pending

2015 - 2018 SOLD BOATS

  1. Grand Banks 53 Aleutian RP 2011, THE RIGHT COMBO, January 2018

  1. Grand Banks Eastbay 44 SX 2019 Hull #12, March 2018

  2. Grand Banks 41 Europa 2009, HAWK, April 2018

  3. Grand Banks 49 Eastbay 2006, MOXIE, April 2018

  4. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX 2018, ELENI, April 2018

  5. Neptunus 70 Skylounge 2005, TRILLIUM, May 2018

  6. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX 2017, SEAGATE, May 2018 159.

  7. Princess V52 2014, CAN DO V, May 2018

  8. Grand Banks 57 Europa 2019 Hull #17, New, May 2018

  9. Grand Banks 47 Eastbay FB 2005, LITTLE CAT, August 2018

  10. Palm Beach 50 2019 Hull #36, New, September 2018

  11. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX 2017, SEA ROSE, October 2018

  12. Grand Banks 54 Europa 2014, WATCH 305, November 2018

  13. Grand Banks 41 Europa 2011, MOXIE, Deal Pending

  14. Grand Banks 46 Classic 2001, RUMAWAY, Deal Pending

  15. Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX 2007, STAR, January 2017

  16. Grand Banks 64 Aleutian RP 2002, BIGG BLUE, February 2017

  17. Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP 2007, IRISH ROVER, February 2017

  18. Princess V52 Express 2012, KARLICIA, March 2017

  19. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay 2018 #06, New, April 2017

  20. Grand Banks 42 Classic 2002, SULA, April 2017

  21. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX 2016, LUCKY STAR IV, May 2017

  22. Grand Banks 43 Eastbay EX 2000, ANHINGA, May 2017

  23. Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX, TWOWOWIE, May 2017

  24. Grand Banks 47 Europa 2007, WANDERER V, May 2017

  25. Grand Banks 64 Aleutian RP, ORINOCO, May 2017

  26. Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht 2008, FEVRE-ISH, June 2017

  27. Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX 2005, DESTINY, June 2017

  28. Grand Banks 58 Eastbay FB 2004, CURRENT EVENT, August 2017

  29. Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX 2014, JULIANNE, September 2017

  30. Grand Banks 60’ 2018 Hull # 5, September 2017

  31. Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP 2007, TROUTOPIA, October 2017

  32. Grand Banks 46 Classic 1989, MYSTIC, October 2017

  33. Ocean Alexander 64’ Pilothouse 2009, SOME NICE III, October 2017

  34. Grand Banks 54 Europa 2015, ANDIAMO IV, November 2017

  35. Hampton 63’ Pilothouse MY 2008, ISLAND GYPSY, November 2017

  36. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX 2018, #08, New Stock, November 2017

  37. Grand Banks 59 RP 2008, HARBOR LIGHTS January 2016

  38. Grand Banks 54 Europa 2014 SEA ROSE February 2016

  39. Palm Beach 42 Hull#3 2017, New Order February 2016

  40. Grand Banks 47 Europa 2006, SALTY LADY March 2016

  41. Grand Banks 54 Europa 2014, PASSAT I, March 2016

  42. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay 2017 # 4, New Order, March 2016

  43. Grand Banks 46 Europa 2002, SALTY DOGS, April 2016

  44. Grand Banks 43 Eastbay SX 2006, JULIETTE, April 2016

  45. Grand Banks 46 Classic 1990, KATHRYN ANNE, May 2016

  46. Grand Banks 64 Aleutian RP 2003, SWEET ESCAPES II, June 2016

  47. Offshore 62’ PH 2009, ANOTHER ADVENTURE, July 2016

  48. Grand Banks 47 Eastbay FB, WHAT NEXT, July 2016

  49. Hampton 68’ PH 2004, SHENANIGANS, August 2016

  50. Grand Banks 64 Aleutian RP 2005, ARIADNI, August 2016

  51. Palm Beach 55 PB55 2018 #19, New, September 2016

  52. Offshore 62 PH 2001, CONCH PEARL, October 2016

  53. Grand Banks 42 Motoryacht 1986, THE ONLY WAY, November 2016

  54. Grand Banks 42 Europa 1998, STEELE AWEIGH, November 2016

  55. Grand Banks 49 Heritage CL 1997, BELLA II, January 2015

  56. Grand Banks 49 Eastbay HX 2001, CASA BLANCA, January 2015

  57. Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX 2014, #03, New Stock, February 2015

  58. Grand Banks 52 Heritage EU 2000, FIVE G'S, March 2015

  59. Grand Banks 54 Heritage EU 2015, #10, New Stock, March 2015

  60. Grand Banks 54 Heritage EU 2014, #05, New Stock, April 2015

  61. Grand Banks 42 Heritage EU 2001, PEGASUS, April 2015

  62. Grand Banks 42 Heritage CL 1990, MY GIRLS, April 2015

  63. Grand Banks 46 Heritage EU 2002, NO NAME, May 2015

  64. Grand Banks 49 Eastbay HX 2000, SEA ANGEL, June 2015

  65. Grand Banks 54 Heritage EU 2013, LUCKY STAR III, June 2015

  66. Grand Banks 46 Heritage EU 1996, LADY MARTHA, June 2015

  67. 113. Grand Banks 60’ 2017, Hull# 2 New Order, November 2015

  68. Grand Banks 45 Eastbay 2007 BARNSTAR August 2015

  69. Grand Banks Eastbay 49 HX 2005, UNO MAS, October 2015

  70. Grand Banks Eastbay 58 Flybridge 2005, ATHENA, November 2015

  71. Grand Banks 44 Eastbay Hull # 2 SX 2016, New order, September 2015


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