Steve and Grand Banks

Steve Fithian and Grand Banks go back a long way . . . here are some of the highlights of Steve's over 40 years in the marine industry.
• Involved in the sale of 400+ pre-owned Grand Banks yachts (either as the listing broker or participating broker).
• Overseeing the build of 73 new semi-custom Grand Banks yachts.
• Named the Top Sales Representative Worldwide by Grand Banks numerous years throughout his career.
• Recognized by Grand Banks and other manufacturers with numerous sales achievement awards.
• Vice President of Yacht Sales at Hal Jones & Co. (authorized Grand Banks dealership for Florida).
• President of Classic Yachts International (authorized Grand Banks dealership for Florida).
• Grand Banks and Cruising Yacht Specialist at HMY Yacht Sales (authorized Grand Banks dealership for Florida).

Steve's Close Ties with Grand Banks
Steve's frequent visits (18 times since 1995) to Grand Banks manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Singapore keep him in close contact with key personnel at Grand Banks Yachts, as well as giving him an excellent perspective on the care and craftsmanship that go into every Grand Banks.  Knowing every detail, from development to delivery, makes him especially well-qualified to advise prospective Grand Banks owners about their new yacht.

Visit to Grand Banks
Here's a sampling of photos from one of Steve's visits to Grand Banks Yachts.


(Left to right above) Grand Banks administrative offices in Singapore.  Grand Banks yacht designers. Steve with Mr. Livingston at Grand Banks.


(Left to right above) Blue-Hulled Grand Banks under construction. Workers lined up for daily calesthetics at Grand Banks manufacturing facility. Part of Grand Banks' extensive wood shop.


(Left to right above) More Grand Banks under construction. Workers completing an Eastbay 46 SX (sold by Steve). A new Europa model nears completion.